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Not just any fat – saturated fat is key

During the last year in the UK I have noticed an increase in positive reviews over low carb diets. It certainly feels that the low carb awakening has started and that awareness about low carb diets is increasing. However, still many Brits seem to associate saturated fat with something you should avoid and the majority […]

LCHF and cholesterol

It has now gone exactly a year since I back in March 2012 changed my lifestyle to LCHF. For a year I haven’t eaten any large amounts of carbohydrates, but instead replaced them with a larger proportion of natural saturated fat, such as proper butter, eggs, coconut, full-fat cream, full-fat cheese, animal fats etc. By […]

LCHF and the science behind it

Despite half a century of research there is still no evidence that natural saturated fat (such as butter, eggs, coconut, cream, cheese, animal fats etc.) is anything but completely safe to eat. The latest review of all major trials of low carb diets shows improved weight and improvement of all major risk factors for heart […]

Sir Bob Geldof on Low-Carb food

Singer and political activist Sir Bob Geldof is helping his band to get in great shape again. According to Metro.co.uk the 61-year old celeb has chosen low-carb so he can look like a ‘sexy beast’. In terms of being match fit, we are all on a rigid low carb diet. There is no point waddling […]