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Toxic Sugar

Why is sugar toxic and the cause of the obesity epidemic? A recent video called Toxic Sugar from the major Australian science program Catalyst, Is a great introduction on the true causes of the obesity epidemic. The program features professor Robert Lustig, science writer Gary Taubes and obesity expert professor Michael Crowley. The video correctly blames the […]

War on carbs

Interesting reading that broccoli, cauliflower and kale are on the increase in the UK. London Evening Standard even goes as far as calling it a war on carbs. The paper refers to a website selling “fat-free, protein-heavy sandwiches made from a highly secret broccoli bread formula”. I’ve been in contact with the company behind these […]

Fast food à la LCHF

Take-out’s and take-away’s have a central role in our busy life. However food on the go doesn’t have to be unhealthy, filled with sugar, starches and carbohydrates such as available at the many fast food spots. When I first started LCHF I often spend some extra time in the food stores to check the food products’ package […]