Human evolution & modern science

During the last two million years the humans has evolved as hunter-gatherers and fishers. Out of what was available the human preferred the most fat parts of food – animal fat was both nutritious and energising. The carbohydrates our early ancestors consumed were edible leaves, roots, nuts, berries and fruits. The intake of these were only seasonal and never available all year around. These foods did not include pure starch which we have today in the form of bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

Approximately 5.000 to 10.000 years ago food with more carbohydrate started to appear, including grains, rice and corn. This food was introduced to us through the development of agriculture. An abundant supply of starchy foods became accessible and potatoes made the appearance in the 17th century. New foodstuff were introduced with the Industrial Revolution and factories started manufacturing large amounts of rapidly digested pure carbohydrates: sugar and white flour.

In the 1980s the low-fat ideology brought the fear of natural fat, promoted by physicians, governments, popular health media and not to forget – the food industry. Many subscribed to this approach, even though there was no evidence that low-fat food would have any positive effects on health, such as to prevent heart disease or result in weight loss. Quite the opposite, eating less fat means you need to eat more carbohydrates to feel satiated and what many referred to an obesity epidemic now started to spread in the western world.

In the relatively short time mankind has consumed the amount of sugar and carbohydrates many do today, we have hardly had time to genetically adapt to the processed food available around us. I believe we are simply not designed to eat the starchy and processed food being consumed in the majority of today’s western world. It is obvious and supported by modern science today that the fear of real food with natural fat contents has been a big mistake. The primarily reason why I have chosen to live the LCHF lifestyle; real food and common sense, supported by years of human evolution and modern science.

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