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Fat v Carbs on BBC

More than four years ago I choose to do the exact opposite of what the current dietary guidelines say and what the average physician advice us and I went on a low-carb and high fat diet. That is also what Jamie Owen did in the short BBC documentary “Fat v Carbs”, recently on BBC. Just like myself, […]

Boy George Loses Weight Without Sugar or Bread

Yet another UK celebrity has chosen a low carb lifestyle for losing weight. Less than a month ago it was Sir Bob Geldof who chose the low carb diet to look like a ‘sexy beast’. Now British Culture Club singer-songwriter Boy George has given up bread and sugar among other things and chose water to […]

Workout mistakes slowing down your results

– and what to do instead… Isolation exercises Isolation exercises work only one muscle or muscle group and only one joint at a time. It is not wrong to do specific isolated exercises such as the biceps curl or the quadriceps extension performed with dumbbells or the commercial weight machines found in health clubs. However, […]

Sir Bob Geldof on Low-Carb food

Singer and political activist Sir Bob Geldof is helping his band to get in great shape again. According to the 61-year old celeb has chosen low-carb so he can look like a ‘sexy beast’. In terms of being match fit, we are all on a rigid low carb diet. There is no point waddling […]