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Pain in the pocket for the soft drink giants

The New Year started with some good news! Brits are drinking less Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) – much because fizzy drinks contain too much sugar, research from Mintel revealed last year. This positive trend now clearly causes serious pain in the pocket for the soda giants. One of the key offenders in Britain’s obesity problem with […]

Toxic Sugar

Why is sugar toxic and the cause of the obesity epidemic? A recent video called Toxic Sugar from the major Australian science program Catalyst, Is a great introduction on the true causes of the obesity epidemic. The program features professor Robert Lustig, science writer Gary Taubes and obesity expert professor Michael Crowley. The video correctly blames the […]

The Skinny on Obesity

Dr Robert H. Lustig at the University of California in San Francisco has really made an impact in my way of living the LCHF lifestyle. Understanding what sugar and carbohydrates actually do to your body is mind-blowing. I’d like to share 7 video’s covering this interesting topic. This 1st episode ‘An Epidemic For Every Body’ […]

Any defence of sugar is pure confection

This is a great piece highlighting the irresponsible marketing by the food industry in combination that we are given wrong dietary advice by doctors. The incorrect assumption has been made that increased fat in the bloodstream is caused by increased saturated fat in the diet. Modern scientific evidence is however proving that carbohydrates and sugar are actually […]