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Salmon Chowder with Saffron & Vegetables

Salmon is a fish which even people who don’t like fish, often can enjoy. It’s firm enough to grill, can be cooked in many different ways and doesn’t dry out as easily as many other fish. It comes fresh, frozen, smoked and canned. Salmon has a very high nutrient profile, including the healthy omega-3 fatty […]

Marinated chicken in coconut à la LCHF

This meal is very tasty and I never get bored with it. Vegetables can vary, depending on season and what you have in fridge. Just make sure you stick to vegetables which grow above ground, in line with the basic LCHF food. Below recipe is enough for 4 servings, so plenty leftovers for lunch the […]

LCHF bread

Living the LCHF lifestyle means staying away from flour products as flour is high in carbohydrates. For example, common flour contains 63% of carbohydrate per 100 grams of flour – all in the form of starch. In UK food stores it is impossible to find traditional bread consisting of the low level of carbohydrates LCHF […]

A delicious LCHF omelette

I just finished off 36 hrs of intermittent fasting with a delicious omelette and a tasty side salad of baby spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese . This omelette is also great for any breakfast or lunch. Ingredients: 3 large eggs, preferably free-range or organic 4 tablespoons full-fat cream Full-fat Cheddar cheese, grated Salt and freshly […]