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Meatballs in tomato sauce with grilled aubergine

This time of the year I think aubergine works very well on the plate together with other seasonal food. Aubergine, meat and cheese are all together a nice mix of low carb, high fat ingredients and all part of the basic LCHF food. If you prefer a stricter LCHF version of this, take less of […]

LCHF Oopsies

Generally bread is a big no-no when living the LCHF lifestyle. Bread is often full of flour and therefore high in carbohydrates. In a previous blog post about LCHF bread I mentioned UK food stores don’t provide any bread low enough in carbohydrates that would fit the basic LCHF food. Therefore, making your own LCHF bread is […]

Delicious full-fat Turkish breakfast

Mediterranean food has often good LCHF food options and so does my local Turkish restaurant Clicia in Stoke Newington, North London. Here I’ve discovered some of my absolute low-carb high-fat favourites. One favourite is the still, I suppose you can say, rather liquid utterly delicious Turkish scrambled eggs, called Menemen. This is traditionally served with […]

Tonights treat: raw berries & full-fat cream

If you choose a not too strict LCHF lifestyle, raw berries are ok in moderation with not too much carbohydrates. The percentage of carbohydrates in food is often provided on the products’ package labels. This of course doesn’t always apply on loose groceries. Good to bare in mind is to keep a maximum of 5% of […]

Easy Salmon & Broccoli Mix

Who says healthy food is hard work? Today I didn’t feel for spending too much time on cooking and actually, I didn’t have much in the fridge to cook either. All I had in the kitchen was some broccoli and two salmon fillets. Feta cheese is something I always have stocked up in my fridge as it […]

Proscuitto Wrapped Chicken Breast

Earlier this week my friend Simon invited me for a dinner and he kindly came up with a delicious LCHF meal I hadn’t tried before. Below is the recipe, hope you enjoy it! Ingredients: 1 large single chicken breast or two smaller, about 400 gram, preferably organic Salt and freshly ground black pepper 4 slices of […]

LCHF crisps

Potatoes are full of starch, which means they are high in carbohydrate. Therefore potato crisps really aren’t on the radar when living the LCHF lifestyle. However, with less than 4% of carbohydrate per 100 grams of food, aubergine is great for making LCHF crisps. A healthy and delicious crispy snack, which is easy to make. […]

Salmon Chowder with Saffron & Vegetables

Salmon is a fish which even people who don’t like fish, often can enjoy. It’s firm enough to grill, can be cooked in many different ways and doesn’t dry out as easily as many other fish. It comes fresh, frozen, smoked and canned. Salmon has a very high nutrient profile, including the healthy omega-3 fatty […]

Marinated chicken in coconut à la LCHF

This meal is very tasty and I never get bored with it. Vegetables can vary, depending on season and what you have in fridge. Just make sure you stick to vegetables which grow above ground, in line with the basic LCHF food. Below recipe is enough for 4 servings, so plenty leftovers for lunch the […]

LCHF bread

Living the LCHF lifestyle means staying away from flour products as flour is high in carbohydrates. For example, common flour contains 63% of carbohydrate per 100 grams of flour – all in the form of starch. In UK food stores it is impossible to find traditional bread consisting of the low level of carbohydrates LCHF […]