Not just any fat – saturated fat is key

lchfDuring the last year in the UK I have noticed an increase in positive reviews over low carb diets. It certainly feels that the low carb awakening has started and that awareness about low carb diets is increasing. However, still many Brits seem to associate saturated fat with something you should avoid and the majority of British GPs and organisations such as Diabetes UK and Heart UK still advise us to stick with low-fat diets.

Soon we might see a shift also how people perceive high fat diets and saturated fat. Dr Trudi Deakin is dietician and in her new book she encourages a diet high in saturated fat. She says there are no evidence that saturated fat causes heart attack or stroke, it is a myth which started in the 1950s.

Dr Deakin’s low carb high fat living is much the same as the LCHF lifestyle which has gained increasing support in Sweden already back in 2008, when Dr Dahlqvist was one of the first in Sweden to officially recommend her patients low-carb, high-fat food and recommended LCHF as a way for losing weight or to manage diabetes. Now, seven years later also British GPs start to reveal evidence to support a diet much like the basic LCHF food – but when will the big bulk of NHS staff, Diabetes UK and Heart UK get rid of their old and rigid fear for saturated fat?

Mail Online: ‘My diet is 82% FAT and I’ve never been healthier’, dietitian claims – as research shows it’s carbs that fuelling the obesity and diabetes epidemic

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