Fat is in – sugar is out


The pointless fear of fat is fading away. Increasing numbers of experts do not longer blame fat for the obesity epidemic, but rather junk food with added sugar and other processed carbohydrates as the number one to blame for the obesity epidemic.

BBC News reports new rules are proposed for US nutrition labels to draw attention away from dietary fat while casting light on an even less nutritious ingredient – added sugar.

BBC also mentioned the new study from Sweden which suggests that consuming high dietary fat is associated with lower rates of obesity. Researchers suspect that full-fat foods make one feel full – and therefore less inclined to overeat, just like living the LCHF lifestyle.

Some take an unnecessary detour and blame the obesity epidemic on the woolly concept of calories. They are right in theory but wrong in practice as the quality of the calories will determine how many calories you want to eat.

In the past, before the obesity epidemic, calories were never mentioned. People kept a normal weight without counting calories.

Humans have a built-in sense of hunger that is far better than any calorie counting. Especially since it is still impossible to know how many calories you take in and why you should forget about calories, brilliantly explained by Dr Andreas Eenfeldt.

The paradigm shift continues…

BBC News: Fat is in, sugar is out: Label Creates new food hierarchy


  1. This is so true! It makes me sad to think of all the people out there who refuse to realise this and still eat low-fat food, sweet breakfast cereals and stuff lika that, and believe it´s healthy.

    1. I know Nina, we have been bombarded with the incorrect messages since the 1980s. It is time for health experts, nutritionists, dieticians and medics to wake up and inform better.

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