A billion overweight in developing countries – time for a change?

The obesity epidemic affects not only the already rich world. According to a new report, the proportion of people with weight problems in developing countries has quadrupled since 1980. The development can be seen everywhere in the world. The chart shows proportion with weight problems in various parts worldwide.


The report from a British think tank does however not come up with any innovative way on how to solve the obesity problem. Instead, they believe that the obesity epidemic is because we eat too little starchy foods and too much fat and animal food.

I question this and do not agree at all. Several modern studies have proved that a diet change to less starchy foods such as the basic LCHF food, on the contrary provides effective weight loss.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the UK is the fattest country in Europe when our experts here still believe in old, outdated and obsolete ideas that actually fueled the obesity epidemic. As it is now, unfortunately no help can be expected from them…

BBC News : Obesity quadruples to nearly one billion in Developing World

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