Old-school dieticians panic over low-carb lifestyle

Gwyneth Paltrow has provoked the old-school dieticians by avoiding feeding her children bread, rice and pasta, because she believes that these carbohydrate foods aren’t good for her kids. Even some media who ignorantly haven’t stayed up-to-date with new research and science have been provoked.

imageThese orthodoxy dieticians and media resist not to stay up to date with new and modern evidence from influential researchers and nutritionists that there are no nutrients (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients) in starchy carbohydrate foods that we can’t get elsewhere, and often even in a superior form.

The old-fashion dieticians are even concerned over that Paltrow’s children are thin, as if this was automatically a cause for concern. I think that says quite a lot about how adapted our society has become to accept children obesity. Unfortunately obesity is more accepted today than a naturally slim body.

The Guardian notices that for half a century we have been told to avoid saturated fat, such as proper butter, eggs, coconut, full-fat cream, full-fat cheese, animal fats etc. This, even though there is no evidence that saturated fat is inherently fattening. By diligently avoiding fat, we have ended up replacing whole, unprocessed foods, such as red meat and butter, with starchy carbs of the highly refined and processed sort, often containing added sugar. Net result? We’re getting fatter and obesity is constantly spreading throughout our western society.

This is a very good piece from The Guardian. I wish more media did their homework just as good as The Guardian; researching new, modern science when writing about diets based on low-carb high-fat food. Often negative media coverage about low-carb high-fat is based on ignorance of staying up to date with new research and science.

The Guardian: Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s no-carb diet for children makes perfect sense

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