The Skinny on Obesity

Dr Robert H. Lustig at the University of California in San Francisco has really made an impact in my way of living the LCHF lifestyle. Understanding what sugar and carbohydrates actually do to your body is mind-blowing. I’d like to share 7 video’s covering this interesting topic.

This 1st episode ‘An Epidemic For Every Body’ clearly explains obesity is not just about calories. How did we get so fat, so fast? The debut episode of this 7-part series exposes the theory that obesity only affects the “gluttons and sloths” among us and is, in fact, a public health problem that impacts everyone.

How sweet is sweet? The 2nd episode ‘Sickeningly Sweet’ compares fructose levels in sweeteners. The video illustrates the overabundance of sugar in today’s processed convenience foods.

Sugar impacts the brain just as much as the waistline. The 3rd episode ‘Hunger And Hormones – A Vicious Cycle’ explains the biochemical shifts that sugar causes, making us store fat and feel hungry at the same time.

Are you addicted to sugar? Sugar isn’t just sweet, it’s addictive. Episode 4 ‘Sugar – A Sweet Addiction’ explores the cycle of addiction that sugar causes in the brain, much in the same way as drugs and alcohol.

An unnerving trend of obese infants is just one indication that obesity can be passed on from mother to fetus. ‘Generation XL’ episode 5 looks towards the next generation, with an emphasis on preventive care and pre-natal health.

How stressed are you? The pace of modern life is a key contributor to today’s obesity epidemic. Episode 6 ‘A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life’ explains the stress connection and offer practical and effective solutions that don’t involve dieting and exercise.

In the 7th and last episode ‘Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?’ experts offer a frank indictment of agricultural policy and food industry, which have made it nearly impossible to avoid sugar in our daily diet, and suggestions for possible remedies.

Consider sharing these video clips to your friends as well, more people need to watch this.

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