Sir Bob Geldof on Low-Carb food

Singer and political activist Sir Bob Geldof is helping his band to get in great shape again. According to the 61-year old celeb has chosen low-carb so he can look like a ‘sexy beast’.

In terms of being match fit, we are all on a rigid low carb diet. There is no point waddling out on bloody stage (…) we are going to look like sexy beasts, I can assure you.

I think this is a great choice. However when cutting out the carbohydrates don’t forget to add a higher proportion of fat as in a Low-Carb High-Fat lifestyle. There are solid scientific reasons why LCHF works. When avoiding sugar and starches the blood sugar stabilises and as a result levels of the fat storing hormone insulin drops. This increases fat burning and makes you feel more satiated. Sir Bob Geldof on low carb diet to look like a ‘sexy beast’

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